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The Cryptocurrency Markets Pass Back Through 1/2 Trillion Dollars

cryptocurrency markets 1/2 trillion

The Chinese New Year is over, and with it, the cryptocurrency markets are rising back up. Now there is a correlation, but not necessarily causation when it comes to the Chinese New Year and a rise in cryptocurrency prices, but what we are seeing is a gradual walk back up. Let’s take a look… Cryptocurrency…

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MyEtherWallet Changes To MyCrypto? Which Should You Use?

mycrypto myetherwallet

Anyone who has participated in airdrops, storing ERC-20 tokens, or Ethereum has probably heard of myetherwallet. We at GCA use myetherwallet to access our Ethereum based coins on our Ledger Nano S hardware wallets, participate in airdrops, and so much more. Although, the Myetherwallet team had a bit of a snafu leading to the creation…

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Binance Relaunches With 70% Discount | Crypto Markets Move Up

binance relaunches with discount

Here’s the state of the DOW Jones this week: Now the problem with the stock market is that often, even though it is higher than it has ever been, this scares people to sell. In fact, FUD on the stock market is lethal and can drive depressions. On the other hand, we have the cryptocurrency…

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Markets Move Up Over $100 Billion From Low and Aim Higher

crypto market moves up

This has been a crazy week in cryptocurrencies. For those new to investing in cryptocurrencies, this was not something you wanted to see, and for the more experienced it was another dip in the bucket. That’s the way that being an early adopter goes. Volatility and significant swings based on the news, updates, and anything…

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When Is The Right Time To Buy During A Market Correction?

market correction

This is the million dollar question: When should you buy, and what truly is the end of the dip? As Warren Buffet and most institutional investors advise, always buy the dip… When Is The Right Time To Buy During a Market Correction? Well, first off we need to cover a few factors. With the overall market cap…

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What Is Going On With The Cryptocurrency Markets?

Cryptocurrency markets

Whether you’re paying attention or not, something is going on. At the end of 2017, we saw Bitcoin reach its all-time high of $20,000, and the overall market cap hit $800 billion. Today looks a lot different… With Bitcoin falling below $9,000 and the total market cap about half of what it was, people are…

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Goodbye Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes… Hello Scam Shutdowns


We aren’t advocates for Ponzi schemes. That’s why we don’t write about them or pretend to like them. Although, it seems the world is fighting back against these “easy to be fooled” schemes that have been stealing unknowing investors’ money. Bulgaria Shuts Down OneCoin Servers While OneCoin currently remains operational, there have been multiple raids…

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What Is Athena Bitcoin? | Bitcoin and Litecoin ATMs For All

athena bitcoin atms

Athena Bitcoin is an ATM platform featured in over nine US states with many different locations. Currently, the GCA team is in Chicago, and after getting familiar with the city, we attended a meetup where we met one of the founders of Athena Bitcoin. While it’s not out yet, they are planning on creating a “trading”…

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Nothing To Fear Here | Cryptocurrency Market Drops 40% (Repeating Past)

Market Crash

Before we get into this quick article let’s cover a basic topic in investing. Being Greedy When Others Are Fearful What does that mean? While it’s one of the most commonly said, but usually ignored investing mindset phrases… Long-term investing isn’t about these dips which activate everyone’s sell limits and end up bringing your overall…

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