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To Catch A Thief – Binance Hacker Bounty Offers $250k

binance hacker bounty

We’ve all been burned. Whether we’ve sent funds to the wrong wallet address or wrong coin wallet address, clicked a phishing link, or experienced Mt.Gox. There has been a lot that has burned those in the cryptocurrency industry. Binance is aiming heavily at making sure that doesn’t happen anymore, especially with their platform which handles more transactions…

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Exchange Bithumb Starts Putting Crypto Kiosks in Resturants

bithumb kiosks

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb, has recently started a new initiative… Bithumb is an exchange that runs out of South Korea, is the largest there, and is ranked in the top 5 for 24-hour trading volume on Bithumb Starts Stocking Restaurants With Crypto Kiosks With mass adoption on the verge and 2018 being…

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[Updated] Possible Binance Account Hacks Leads To Massive Dip In Bitcoin Price

binance account hack possible

FUD is everywhere in cryptocurrency. From the anarchists and libertarians frightened at the government taking control of cryptos, with hacks’ popping up nearly every few days, it seems it won’t stop. But, we have today what might be a dramatic hack pushing the price of Bitcoin down substantially. Binance Account Hack Leading To Account Funds…

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Breaking News: Coinbase Launches An Index Fund

the coinbase index fund

Traditional investors are used to having multiple streams of investments (some more volatile and some less). With cryptocurrency, that has been difficult for some time. Bitwise is a cryptocurrency index fund that we have followed and liked since its inception. But, in breaking news, Coinbase has just released a Coinbase Index Fund. The Coinbase Index…

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2,170 Bitcoins To Be Auctioned Off By U.S. Marshalls This Month

us marshall bitcoin auction

The U.S. Marshalls are great at confiscating goods. When the Silk Road (an illicit free-market trading website operated by Ross Ulbricht) was shut down they forced, after many threats, Ross to turn over the Bitcoin he owned to the government. This is one of the reason’s Andreas Antonopoulos talks about Money as a means of…

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How To Take Energy Onto The Blockchain | Chile, POWR, and More…

chile energy blockchain

Almost anything can be implemented into a blockchain. I mean in reality it is just a database with a few added perks like censorship resistance, no borders, and a few other characteristics that make a true blockchain. Although, one of the newest and most popular uses of the Blockchain is: Energy. Taking Energy On The…

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Liechtenstein And Germany Allow Crypto Banking | Japan Delays Exchange

germany crypto banking

Banks are both an enemy and the most significant obstacle to monetary freedom and the cryptocurrency movement. The hard part is that people trust banks, and want them, but also know that they aren’t looking out for anybody but their own best interest. But, in the news today we’ve got a few banks that are…

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Bitcoin Touches 11k, Circle X Exchange Coming, Square Targets BTC

circle x bitcoin

Bitcoin has been on a strange bearish trend for a while now. Although, last night it started to take the trajectory of its inverted head and shoulders, thus bringing its price up to around $11,000. Regardless of the bear market, we’ve seen coins fluctuating and some making some tremendous gains. For those holding, keep on…

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Top Crypto Exchange Poloniex Acquired By Circle

Poloniex is a Delaware based cryptocurrency exchange that most in the industry are familiar with. Yesterday, they officially announced that they are going to be acquired by the digital payments app Circle, an original front-runner in the payment process via Bitcoin. Poloniex Acquired By Circle, Is This A Good Thing? Here’s the thing. People are happy…

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