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Tennessee Law To Recognize Smart Contracts In New Bill

While we’ve seen adoption and advocation for cryptocurrency by a few places, it seems Tennessee wants some of the action. Recently, Arizona legislation had been playing with the ability to pay taxes in cryptocurrencies. Which is a massive step for areas in the U.S. Although, this new bill passed by Tennessee on Thursday, gives a…

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After JFSA Confusion Binance Malta Office Set To Open

Back to Binance… Yesterday, we talked about how Binance was accused of being issued a warning by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA). And after we helped clear the FUD, CZ from Binance tweeted that they had received a letter from the Japanese FSA. We received a simple letter from JFSA about an hour ago.…

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Google Pursues Two Blockchain Projects After Recent Crypto Ad Ban

Recently, Google joined Facebook in banning advertisements that are related to cryptocurrencies. For some this marked a clear line in the sand that Google would not be pursuing cryptocurrencies, while for others, it showed Google helping to fight against scammy ICOs and those “personalities” making money off of b.s. Signals. Now Google has just released…

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No, The Japan FSA Isn’t Ceasing Operations on Binance

japan fsa binance fud

Ahh, Binance. Binance has been the most widely talked about cryptocurrency exchange in the last few months… From a hack, to a bounty that resulted from that hack, to improving their platform and so much more – we’ve seen the highs and lows of Binance. Although, they always handle bad press with the utmost professionalism.…

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Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSX) Talks with ASX

When it comes to stock market adoption of cryptocurrencies, we’ve seen the CME and CBOE both jump onto the Bitcoin train. Although, it has been slim pickings for other cryptocurrencies in the U.S. On the other hand, Hong Kong is looking to learn how to start performing blockchain settlement on their stock exchange, but they need…

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Cryptocurrency and Israel Securities Authority | Utility Tokens Not Securities

After the g-20 announcement showing no further crackdown on global regulations, cryptocurrency has been everywhere in the headlines. While we’ve seen positive and negative news around the world, Israel seems to be showing some kind indicators. Cryptocurrency and Israel | Securities or Utility Tokens Cryptocurrency and Israel usually aren’t synonymous, but recently their legal standings…

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Google Is Banning Cryptocurrencies In June

Google Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google removes 100 “bad” ads per second. On the bigger scale, that’s roughly 3.2 billion ads removed in the year of 2017 (1). That’s crazy. Google Updated Their Ad Policy Most of you have probably heard of the scams in Cryptocurrency… (Hopefully you weren’t apart of any.) Recently, Google released a change in their ad…

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Wyoming Becomes First State To Create “Utility Token” Asset Class

In the United States, there is a lot of predicaments with how to classify cryptocurrencies… They were property, security, and now in a turn of events, Wyoming has devoted a new asset class to cryptocurrency. Wyoming Creates “Utility Token” Asset Class For Cryptocurrencies Here’s what happened… On March 13th Forbes reported that Wyoming had passed a…

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John Oliver Hosts Last Week Tonight on Cryptocurrency

last week tonight on cryptocurrency

The Big Bang Theory cryptocurrency episode was big news for the industry. Granted, the episode wasn’t that good, and it didn’t do much of anything to the price overall. Last night, John Oliver took the stage with a featurette of about 25 minutes that completely broke down what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Last…

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