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Self Key Launches on Kucoin as Identity Coins Start To Takeover


When it comes to ICOs and Dapp’s , typically a new one is released every few days. ERC-20 tokens and ETH itself take up around 70% of the total Cryptocurrency market, unlike many other coins and blockchains. And with the launch of Self Key a new ERC-20 backed identity coin there is more to be had. With…

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ETHOS Runs Up With Over 50% Gains And $650 Million Market Cap


Early today we saw something surprising… ETHOS, a coin we at GCA hold, had jumped up to $12.54 at the high on (current stats are below:) If you aren’t familiar with ETHOS we recommend you check out the coin review here –> ETHOS  ETHOS serves as a universal wallet – digital currency dashboard –…

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) and Cardano (ADA) Soar Over 30%


In just the beginning of 2018 we’ve seen the Cryptocurrency Market move to a total market cap of over $700 billion… And we think this is just the start. While we’ve seen massive growth in the past year, we are yet to reach many people around the world. As the extension of Cryptocurrency news starts to…

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NEO Breakout Alert – Could We See $100 In The Next Few Days?


With the new year fully afloat and the market back on track, we see a lot of green. Currently, almost all coins are on the positive. And that isn’t to say, Bitcoin is their leading performed anymore. In fact, with only holding around 43% of the market cap for all of the Cryptocurrency right now…

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Move Over Ethereum | Ripple Passes Ethereum As The #2 Cryptocurrency


2018 is almost over. Although, Ripple wants to make its mark before the year’s end. While we at GCA aren’t exactly the biggest fans of Ripple (XRP), it is making moves that are worth writing about. Ripple is a fast payment transfer system that costs nothing. Granted, XRP is centralized and used mainly for the…

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How Many More Hard Forks? – Segwit 2X Returns


In 2017 we’ve seen plenty of hard forks for Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Unlimited, Super Bitcoin and the list goes on… Although, it seems Segwit 2x is making its way back to center stage. Segwit 2x Launch on The 28th of December According to the segwit 2x founder, it will go live on the…

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Coinbase Bitcoin Cash Passes $8200… Is This The Flippening?


With Bitcoin on the run up to almost $20,000, Bitcoin Cash is coming back. Today is the day Coinbase Bitcoin cash was released on, and with it a surge in pricing. Here’s what Bitcoin cash currently sits at on  —Get $10 Free To Coinbase By Signing Up Here— Why Is Coinbase Bitcoin Cash Moving Up…

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NEO Soars Past $80 – The NEO Conference and A Successful Audit


Neo is a smart economy platform similar to Ethereum. Initially called by members of the cryptocurrency community, The Chinese Ethereum, NEO is an exciting cryptocurrency. This currency not only will house Dapps but contribute to digital identities and a smart economy (One that entails machine contribution and more). And after a successful code audit, they…

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Verge (XVG) Moves Up Over 300% Around John McAfee Tweet


Verge is one of the most popular coins when it comes to security and privacy. Recently, we have seen gains from below $.01 to over $.04, and currently, the coin is sitting at: Now, this comes after a few recent releases in the XVG ecosystem. Starting with John McAfee tweeting: No. Not joking. I included…

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Mist Wallet Browser On Ethereum May Have Private Keys In Jeopardy


On Ethereum, there are multiple ways to store and ensure that your funds are safe. Although, there has been news that the mist wallet browser may have a security flaw. Mist Wallet Browser Bug For Ethereum Private Keys An update by the mist team has detailed that their update may have created discrepancies from electron (the…

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