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Playboy Goes Blockchain | Playboy Cryptocurrency Wallet and Vice Token

vice tokens playboy

While we’ve seen many industries flock to blockchain not only for the freedom it gives but the security, this is an industry riddled with problems… Adult entertainment. Adult entertainment is easy to copy, there are tons of sites that allow people to steal and upload videos, and most people don’t know what they are getting.…

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Substratum Announcement For World Day Against Cyber Censorship

substratum announcement

While much of the market has been on a stable decline, especially the altcoins, Substratum has had a surprisingly great day. This comes on the world day against cyber censorship and a three-part announcement that they made on youtube… Substratum Announcement For Day Against Cyber Censorship Substratum is a project the GCA Team loves. It combines…

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Vechain Creates The Series X Node Program Pledging 50 Million VET

Vechain is a cryptocurrency based company that is aiming to help create smart RFID for supply chain and pave the way for an IoT (internet of things). Recently, they underwent a complete update moving from Vechain to Vechain Thor. Although, yesterday they released an article on medium detailing their plan to donate 50 million Vechain…

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Pre-Registration For Ethos Universal Wallet Now Available

Ethos Universal Wallet

Ethos is a favorite here at Global Crypto Academy… Their mission, “is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone, accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies” (1). This universal wallet is going to offer a number of amazing benefits on top of storing and investing into cryptocurrency such as: Smart…

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ZCash Overwinter Update Will Not Be A Hard Fork… Team Reveals.

zcash overwinter hard fork

Zcash is one of the most well-known privacy coins. After being praised by Edward Snowden as the #1 cryptocurrency for real anonymity, Zcash has been on a steady rise. The main feature of Zcash is the underlying technology called Zk-Snarks or (Zero-Knowledge transactions). Essentially, this allows a transaction or message to be sent to their network…

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Ethereum Continues To Rise While Bitcoin Cools Down

ethereum price

It’s been an exciting January… On the one hand, we see some coins hit all-time new highs, making strides and leaps compared to the years before. But, then we saw FUD come out of China, South Korea and the like. Driving the price of Bitcoin down and down again. Although, it seems Ethereum is starting…

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Ethereum Upgrade Part One Almost Complete | Sharding Off Network

ethereum sharding

Every cryptocurrency blockchain runs by its own set of inheriting rules. This means that the speed, the scaling, and just about everything else is built into the original white paper and coded open-source. Now with Bitcoin becoming slower (except for the implementation of the lightning network) and more people than ever flocking to cryptocurrency, there…

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Steem Moves Over 20% | The Easy Way To Make Passive Income


We can all see the world is changing. Although, part of that change is the ability and freedom to work for yourself whether you already have a job or are looking for one. Now, of course, people are exploring those options with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In this case, we are talking about Steemit…

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The Answer To Bitcoin’s Problems | First Lightning Network Test Conducted


If you’ve been around the cryptocurrency space for some time, odds are you’re aware of a looming problem: Bitcoin’s network congestion and its high fees. For a lot of people that means transactions which take multiple days, cost $$$, and overall hurt the reputation for Bitcoin. Granted, there is an answer to the problem, one…

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