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Crypto Trading Is Live On Robinhood As They Take Users To The Moon

Today is the day that Robinhood, the fee-less stock trading application, starts rolling out cryptocurrency trading to new users. And they launched with a comical video showing users going to the moon. Here’s the video: While this video is pretty great, this is a big moment in the cryptocurrency realm. Robinhood Starts Crypto Trading Rollout…

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This Week In Cryptocurrency – 11.12.17

When it comes to Cryptocurrency there’s never a dull moment, and this week isn’t any different.   Here’s the weekly roundup of the top 5 article/sources/coins that you need to see… 1. No More Hard Fork… Or Will There Be? Recently the Bitcoin hard fork, what some would consider the apocalypse of Bitcoin, was called…

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Bitcoin Cash Value Spikes 80% After Statement

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After reaching all-time highs of $7800 bitcoin has finally received a pullback post SegWit2x cancellation announcement. This isn’t all bad. Bitcoin has stayed true to its original form, while Bitcoin Cash (a faster, lighter version of bitcoin) has seen a massive spike for about 80% gain at the high, and some speculate reaching $2000 by…

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These Are The Top 5 Most Anonymous Cryptocurrencies


When it comes to cryptocurrency everyone has their own idea of what truly makes a good coin. Although, there is growing interest in the field of secure cryptocurrency. More specifically, the anonymous cryptocurrency that keeps popping up is being featured in Palm Beach Confidential, conferences and a lot more. Here’s the round-up of the most…

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