The Crypto Collection 12/17/2017 – Verge, The Mission, And More…


Verge Moves More Than 300% This week we’ve seen many cryptocurrencies on the climb, but one that people didn’t expect was Verge (XVG). Verge is a privacy coin and surrounding a tweet by John McAfee the price has surged. Verge recently released their wraith protocol, which added to all the talk about it. Currently, Verge…

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The Crypto Collection 12/3/17 – Casper, On-Chain Goverance, And More


It’s another week and with it comes the Crypto Collection – a round-up of some things that you may have missed this week in Cryptocurrency. Let’s jump into it. Casper Protocol Breakdown Ethereum, unlike most cryptocurrencies, constantly is undergoing upgrades and new developments for both scaling and helping to give it quicker speeds (making mass…

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The Weekly Crypto Collection – Bitcoin, Bittrex, SEC and More

Cryptocurrency Exchange

After last week’s update, a lot has happened as the cryptocurrency field is not stopping with its exponential growth. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 1. Bitcoin Passes $9500 (All-Time High) One of the most significant landmarks to date is Bitcoin passing $9500 and the entire cryptocurrency market getting close to $300 billion. Of…

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The Weekly Crypto Collection – 11.19.2017


With money being poured into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the market cap reaching over $230,000,000,000, there is a lot to catch up on. 1. Andreas Antonopoulos on Decentralization and The Architecture of Trust When Andreas releases a new video, it is always something that we here at GCA love to consume. This week, he brings…

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