A Case For Decentralization And How To Reduce Corporate Greed

benefits of decentralization

One of the most often thoughts for decentralization is that it’s better for this world.

But most of the time, people don’t know how it is or what it truly means.

That’s why we wanted to write up this quick little piece to describe the effect that decentralization can have in our day to day lives, and indeed change the world.

How Decentralization Changes The World

Let’s start with a few familiar brands that everyone knows.

Amazon, Facebook, Google.

These are goliaths of companies that quite literally control much of the world (online at least).

They can regulate policies, sway elections, and sell you just about everything and anything that you do or don’t need.

Now that’s not typically a bad thing…

Convenience is something so ingrained into a modern society built around wealth accumulation that we scoff at anything less.

But the foundation that these companies and their algorithms are created on lend credence to creating a decentralized world.

A Centralized Entity Seeks For Its Gain

Humans are a great example of this.

Most of the time, people aim to advance their position at just about everything in life. Granted, there are altruistic acts – even donating and philanthropy, which many participate in, comes down to that person feeling good about what they’ve done.

This central entity relates very well to what has been created by google, facebook, and the like.

First off, this isn’t inherently bad.

It ultimately can create an algorithm and company that aims only to get more customers, raise more capital, and “take over the world.”

The funny thing is that this new age is creating companies that have access to you and all your data at all times.

If they get hacked, all of your data is leaked.

And that will continue to happen.

A Decentralized Entity Operates For The System

On the other hand, we have decentralized entities.

This isn’t common today, but it is easy to create an idealistic view of what it could be.

Using the blockchain, proof-of-work or proof-of-stake and a host of other censorship resistant factors, a decentralized entity aims for consensus and truth.

It doesn’t aim to gain power and wealth.

All it needs is what is being fed to it, people using it, and then a consensus mechanism to allow it to continue to operate.

Essentially, it takes and uses only what is needed, rather than accumulating massive amounts of income that gets tied up.

And that is why decentralized entities can quite literally change the world.

Taking out the aim for personal gain, and dispersing it to a system that can truly operate and change the world using less.

It’s something we’ve never seen, yet something we so desperately need.

Just a little probe into the minds of the proponents of decentralization.

I know we are, and we’re excited for this decentralized future that is being built today.

Thanks for reading,
The GCA Team


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