Bitcoin Price Targets $9k Again and Markets Aim For $400 Billion

It’s been a while since we’ve seen positive media on cryptocurrency…

The market has been quiet, and so have most of the people who got in before this big rise and crash.

But finally, we’re seeing some movement come back to the market.

Bitcoin Price Targets $9k Again

Bitcoin price rose all the way to $20k this year, but since then it had taken a tanking all the way down to $6k, then back up to $12k, and back down to $6k once again.

And after all of that, most are realizing that the light at the end of the tunnel, never stopped shining.

EOS, NEO, LTC and many others have started to move up again as well (bonus if you were holding EOS and registered it you may see some airdrops.)

Along with these price movements, we’ve seen policies being made around blockchain in california, messaging giants supporting Dapps and much more.

Now we at GCA have been on a hiatus as well, allowing the news to freely circulate and the murky water to clear.

From now on we will be posting once weekly with some updates from around the cryptosphere.

We want to thank you for being readers of GCA.

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