How Bitcoin’s Dramatic Price Decrease Could Be A Good Thing

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Up up and away.

That’s the commoner’s way of looking at the market, and when it isn’t performing in that sense, well, then it plagues them with pain.

On the other hand, steep corrections like the one we are seeing may be a blessing in disguise.

How Bitcoin’s Dramatic Price Decrease Could Be A Good Thing

There are a few different ways to approach and look at what is going on in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The first is that everything is failing, people are losing money, and this is a terrible crash…

Crypto is over, and this is its implosion to the nth degree.

And of course, there is another counter-intuitive way of looking at this “crash,” which a lot of people like to avoid (because their unrealized gains are currently suffering)…

Goodbye To The Skeptical Investors

There is a message and motif behind what cryptocurrency is trying to achieve.

Namely, that of helping people achieve monetary freedom in a way that has never been that imaginable in this world.

Controlling your own money is something that we typically can’t do.

Although, with cryptocurrency, we can.

And after Mt.Gox had fallen it lead people to finally start realizing that they need to control their cryptocurrency like it is their own.

This new round of investors came around similar to the same investors from the housing bubble.

They used debt, skepticism and a “get-rich-quick” scheme mindset to invest in what is a larger movement of the times.

Which of course lead to this current “crash” one that, while horrible now, will bounce back with a vengeance in due time.

See the problem with investing is that often people don’t research into what they are buying, they don’t understand how money works, they don’t calculate transaction fees and the ability to hold something tangible, and they get fooled.

With cryptocurrency, it is supposed to be different, as by becoming a holder now you are actively participating in a movement.

Not holding a piece of meaningless stock, but instead, valuing and spreading the message of a movement.

Whether that be borderless money, secure transfers, or just cryptographically backed currency.

There is a purpose.

Not just a bandwagon rollercoaster where you end up rich.

And that’s why this little shakeout may be a good thing, a way to teach people that this is a long-term play and that it is a movement, which as it has in the past, will reward those who stay with it.

Don’t give up,

The GCA Team

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