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Google Is Banning Cryptocurrencies In June

Google Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google removes 100 “bad” ads per second. On the bigger scale, that’s roughly 3.2 billion ads removed in the year of 2017 (1). That’s crazy. Google Updated Their Ad Policy Most of you have probably heard of the scams in Cryptocurrency… (Hopefully you weren’t apart of any.) Recently, Google released a change in their ad…

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Pre-Registration For Ethos Universal Wallet Now Available

Ethos Universal Wallet

Ethos is a favorite here at Global Crypto Academy… Their mission, “is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone, accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies” (1). This universal wallet is going to offer a number of amazing benefits on top of storing and investing into cryptocurrency such as: Smart…

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Say Cheese Kodakcoin! Kraken Is Back & Russia Takes On Cryptocurrency

Welcome back with another news article here at Global Crypto Academy… The team here at GCA is gearing up to take on Chi Town for a few weeks: While in Chicago, we’re excited to hit a bunch of Cryptocurrency meet ups, meet any of you if you’re in the area, guzzle down delicious coffee, and…

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This Week In Cryptocurrency – 11.12.17

When it comes to Cryptocurrency there’s never a dull moment, and this week isn’t any different.   Here’s the weekly roundup of the top 5 article/sources/coins that you need to see… 1. No More Hard Fork… Or Will There Be? Recently the Bitcoin hard fork, what some would consider the apocalypse of Bitcoin, was called…

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