The Answer To Bitcoin’s Problems | First Lightning Network Test Conducted


If you’ve been around the cryptocurrency space for some time, odds are you’re aware of a looming problem:

Bitcoin’s network congestion and its high fees.

For a lot of people that means transactions which take multiple days, cost $$$, and overall hurt the reputation for Bitcoin.

Granted, there is an answer to the problem, one that may drastically improve Bitcoin’s network.

(If you don’t know what the lightning network is read the article here)

The Lightning Network Test For TorGaurd

Recently on Reddit one user proclaimed conducting a lightning network test.

His full post was(1):

“I’m just your average BTC enthusiast, who had a bit of extra time last weekend. I saw TorGuard’s tweet, so I decided to contact them. I enquired as to purchasing more than just a monthly subscription, their staff gave me LN peering information, I opened a channel, received an invoice, and here we are!

It was all quick, easy, painless, and most importantly: instantaneous and fee-free!”

What he bought was a VPN router using the lightning network test, something we think is pretty badass (for a first test).

This is a historic moment being the first time someone has successfully used the lightning network and shown the whole operation move smoothly.

After showing this TorGaurd, the VPN router merchant also tweeted out the fact that they would reimburse faulty C-lightning transactions.

This is a huge step in the evolution of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as well.

By utilizing the new technology and having users test it, we can iron out any of the problems that could affect the network in the future.

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