How To Get and Stay Anonymous With Cryptocurrency

Anonymous with Cryptocurrency

Here’s the thing.

Most people joined and bought/traded cryptocurrency at the beginning to stay anonymous.

Although, in today’s day and age that is getting harder.

And people don’t know it.

Well, this quick article is going to teach you how to stay anonymous and make sure that you hold your funds without letting anyone know.

Start With A VPN

VPNs are verified private networks.

While this is required today, in the future Substratum will allow you to just use their chrome application and then your searches and location will be scrambled.

Today, using a VPN is the easiest way actually to stay anonymous.

By using a VPN your network is private, and you can see this when a website loads slow.

Head to a VPN, and it may load all features and quicker.

Our favorite VPN is Opera (which is free and easy to use).

Get it here:

Set-Up Your Wallets Using The VPN

Now is the part where you disconnect anything from your identity.

By setting up a wallet from your VPN, you will not associate data or your IP with the wallet you are setting up.

If you are using an online or on computer-based wallet like Jaxx or Exodus this may change things.

But, using or Myetherwallet or any other wallet from the coins site will work.

Despite that, the safest and most secure way is to use a nano ledger s and hold your funds offline.

After you have your wallets with the VPN (don’t input information into these wallets or sites).

How To Get Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Anonymous - A Peer-to-Peer Model

Next, we need to buy cryptocurrency person to person.

This prevents the mechanistic tracking that occurs when using something like Coinbase or any exchange.

The more that you need to stay secure, the less information you want to put into anything - even cryptocurrency based.

There are a few ways to get peer-to-peer cryptocurrency:

These will be the best and easiest ways to buy cryptocurrency without much information.

Dash and monero are already secure and anonymous cryptocurrencies, so it is a double whammy.

Whereas it is okay to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to your secure unassociated wallet.

You can use bank accounts (which have your info), cash, or gift cards on these platforms.

If you want to become more anonymous, than take this currency into your first wallet and transfer it to another wallet.

Getting Other Cryptocurrencies Anonymously

Maybe you want something besides Bitcoin, Dash, or Monero.

One of the easiest ways is to join a forum and see who’s selling, granted you may need to pay a premium.

Otherwise, using shapeshift on a or wallet will give you a bigger selection.

A lot of those coins aren’t anonymous (visit this article for the top anonymous coins) so be wary of that.

What To Do Next?

  • Get Opera VPN
  • Create A Few Different Wallets Using The Opera VPN
  • Using The VPN Find Bitcoin, Monero or Dash
  • Trade on Shapeshift

That is one of the easiest methods for truly staying anonymous with cryptocurrency.

Using a paper wallet or an offline wallet like the nano ledger will provide you with more security (as it is held offline).

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Stay Anonymous,
The GCA Team

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