After JFSA Confusion Binance Malta Office Set To Open

Back to Binance…

Yesterday, we talked about how Binance was accused of being issued a warning by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (JFSA).

And after we helped clear the FUD, CZ from Binance tweeted that they had received a letter from the Japanese FSA.

Just because Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges with over the top transparency, they wanted to clear the FUD surrounding an imminent shutdown in Japan.

Thus, last night they released some news.

Binance Malta Aims To Open

With a prolific growth and continual updating (including the newest MAC interface), binance continues to advance in its quest to be the best exchange.

This time it is with Binance Malta.

Yesterday, Bloomberg released an article about the new offices opening in Malta from Binance.

Malta had recently launched an initiative to dive in blockchain technology and help those with cryptocurrency based businesses get acquainted with their government(1.)

And CZ then responded on Twitter adding to what the Bloomberg article didn’t state saying:

The new regulations in Japan has encouraged Binance to move to Malta and safeguard the fantastic tech that they have created.

We look forward to the continued updates and progress that they make.

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