Tim, Trent & Austin

In 2010 Bitcoin started to finally get some mainstream attention from the Silk Road...
This is around the same time that 10,000 Bitcoins bought two pizzas, about the equivalent of a $5 pizza. During the time of writing this Bitcoin itself is worth well over $20,000 and the value is only rising!
About a year later Austin first heard about Bitcoin for the silk road. As a teenager, it seemed fun and risky to try to actually buy Bitcoin and then get onto the silk road. Although, after purchasing a visa card for $25 and not buying it, it's now one of those "what if" moments that occupies his mind.
Fast forward to late 2016 and Austin, Tim and Trent started to pursue the stock market and day trading more heavily before hearing about Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market again.

And that's when Ethereum started its spike leading to a quick and easy profit for each of the guys.
This is also the point when Austin, Tim and Trent started their deep dive into the world of Cryptocurrencies and everything about it. Now we want to bring that information to you, in an easy to digest form that can help anyone get their first Cryptocurrency and thrive in wealth.
Thank you for visiting the site and I hope we can help you prepare for the future of money.
-The Global Crypto Academy Team


The Movement of Cryptocurrency

"Bitcoin will remain, in my opinion, a relentless anomaly that refuses to go away - a black swan that cannot be ignored or extinguished."

— Andreas Antonopoulos
Internet of Money

"Voluntaryism is the idea that all human interactions should be free of coercion, based on individual self-ownership. This is in contrast to socialism, which is based on coercion justified by collective ownership."

— Roger Ver

"Bitcoin is going from deceptive to disruptive. "

— Peter Diamandis and Tech Billionaire


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