The 3 Industries That Cryptocurrencies Will Disrupt (and Improve)


In cryptocurrency, no coin is alike.

Of course, a lot of currencies are hard forks of similar protocols, and they work utilizing proof-of-work, proof-of-stake and the like.

With over 1500 different coins, there are a lot of industries being disrupted.

These are three of the major industries we see being disrupted by Cryptocurrencies.

The 3 Industries That Cryptocurrency Will Take Over

1. Identity and Verification

Here’s the thing.

Everyone has your data right now.

Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like have pixels that get stored on your computer when on a site using them, and track your data.

Now, typically we would want this data to be able to cater experiences to individual people, but it can have another play in.

Without a mediator or something that associates you with the data, but doesn’t give personal information, terrible leaks can happen.

Check here to see if your email address has been leaked:

Likely you have.

Without your knowing companies get hacked, they leak info, and then their customers and users end up suffering.

Which is why the Equifax hack was as big a deal as it was.

But, on the other hand, there are cryptocurrencies that help to create a mediator where only you can log into accounts using a private key, and nothing is stored on their internal systems.

Protecting the customer.

That’s why we see Civic and cryptocurrencies like it taking over in the next few years.

Read our full guide on Civic here

2. Advertising

Then we have a counterpart.


See currently advertising works off of your data.

Making data mining so valuable, where companies actually will sell your data or be acquired for the one acquiring to get the users data.

Now there are a few coins we are watching that pertain to advertising utilizing cryptocurrency and the blockchain.


This is an interesting project that will help tokenize and improve end-to-end advertising for consumers and their counterparts.

Having an integration or ability to utilize Civic or another identity platform would help keep data safe as well.

You can read our full guide on it here: AdEx

Basic Attention Token (BAT) and the Brave Browser

Then, a project we love is the Brave browser and BAT.

This makes some of the most sense because it allows users to decide where the money gets spent on advertising actively.

People that get a lot of views off of hate and click-bait will likely be voted down, while good content creators rewarded for having their advertising up.

They have a three-part triangle that describes the process in which you can read about here: What is BAT?

3. Video Games


Yeah, here’s the reason…

The currency that is used in video games is completely made up, but typically the user can buy more of it using USD.

Essentially, it is already a tokenized economy, just without the ability to do anything with excess video game money.

That’s why many companies are aiming to improve the video game field by helping to create a standardized token that can be tradeable for video game credits, etc.

A popular one is Enjin, but there are many more.

These are a few industries that will be disrupted, if not this year, then in the next couple as cryptocurrencies start to take on the globe.

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