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The 3 Industries That Cryptocurrencies Will Disrupt (and Improve)


In cryptocurrency, no coin is alike. Of course, a lot of currencies are hard forks of similar protocols, and they work utilizing proof-of-work, proof-of-stake and the like. With over 1500 different coins, there are a lot of industries being disrupted. These are three of the major industries we see being disrupted by Cryptocurrencies. The 3…

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Bitcoin Touches 11k, Circle X Exchange Coming, Square Targets BTC

circle x bitcoin

Bitcoin has been on a strange bearish trend for a while now. Although, last night it started to take the trajectory of its inverted head and shoulders, thus bringing its price up to around $11,000. Regardless of the bear market, we’ve seen coins fluctuating and some making some tremendous gains. For those holding, keep on…

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A Case For Decentralization And How To Reduce Corporate Greed

benefits of decentralization

One of the most often thoughts for decentralization is that it’s better for this world. But most of the time, people don’t know how it is or what it truly means. That’s why we wanted to write up this quick little piece to describe the effect that decentralization can have in our day to day…

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Top Crypto Exchange Poloniex Acquired By Circle

Poloniex is a Delaware based cryptocurrency exchange that most in the industry are familiar with. Yesterday, they officially announced that they are going to be acquired by the digital payments app Circle, an original front-runner in the payment process via Bitcoin. Poloniex Acquired By Circle, Is This A Good Thing? Here’s the thing. People are happy…

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Cryptocurrency Spotlight – Andreas Antonopoulus

spotlight andreas antonopoulos

When it comes to Bitcoin, one of the names most synonymous with its education and Evangelism is Andreas Antonopoulos. Andreas started working with Bitcoin in 2012, and it took over his life. In fact, within the first month of studying and integrating Bitcoin into his life, he claims to have dropped over 20 pounds because…

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How Does Inflation Happen? Part 2: Fractional Reserve Lending

Fractional Reserve Lending

The banking system in America and most other prominent countries is hurting the economy, both on a national and global level. Most people would probably agree that our political system is broken and corrupt, and the banking system is no different. In Part 1 of this series, we saw how the Federal Reserve is committing…

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Crypto Trading Is Live On Robinhood As They Take Users To The Moon

Today is the day that Robinhood, the fee-less stock trading application, starts rolling out cryptocurrency trading to new users. And they launched with a comical video showing users going to the moon. Here’s the video: While this video is pretty great, this is a big moment in the cryptocurrency realm. Robinhood Starts Crypto Trading Rollout…

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Segwit Finally Implemented By Coinbase and Bitfinex

coinbase segwit

In 2017 there were heated debates in the Bitcoin community… Namely, it was about how to upgrade the protocol and if something called SegWit should be implemented. What is Segwit? Segwit stands for segregated witness. Essentially, it is a protocol that allows the block size limit, in this case, Bitcoin’s 1mb block sizes, to be…

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A Few Utility Tokens To Watch in 2018

utility tokens

While there are many different coins focused on being a currency or being a platform for development, utility tokens are becoming more and more popular. Heck, most ICO‘s are claiming to be utility-based tokens. (But that might just be to skirt around the SEC and try not to be listed as security.) We have a few utility…

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