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Facebook Starts Ban On Cryptocurrency and ICOs

facebook cryptocurrency ban

Earlier this January we saw Mark Zuckerberg talk about his pursuit of moving towards decentralization. The exact excerpt from his Facebook post was(1): “There are important counter-trends to this – like encryption and cryptocurrency – that take power from centralized systems and put it back into people’s hands. But they come with the risk of…

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BTCC Exchange Acquired By Hong Kong Investment Fund

btcc exchange acquired

With money and people pouring into the blockchain, one thing is for sure… Big players are being attracted more and more. And today, we see the BTCC exchange, the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in China, being acquired by a Hong Kong investment fund. Why The BTCC Exchange Acquisition Is A Big Deal Exchanges can make a…

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Kansas Warns Cryptocurrency Investments | Texas Stops Crypto Banking

texas crypto banking

With cryptocurrency and its awareness growing in the United States, there has been much talk in the works of what to do. Recently, we’ve seen Kansas warn the public on cryptocurrency investments, and Texas shutting down a crypto banking platform called AriseBank… Let’s dive into it. Kansas On Cryptocurrency Investments Earlier last week, on the 25th…

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Starbucks Aims To Implement Blockchain | Tether Splits From Auditor

starbucks blockchain

With KFC Canada making headway with a Bitcoin Bucket (and possibly a Litecoin Bucket as well) other companies are starting to catch on. Among the top companies like Overstock, New Egg, and others we see new developments in the thoughts of those running the entities. After Mark Zuckerberg recently posted about decentralization and cryptocurrency, now…

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Ethereum Upgrade Part One Almost Complete | Sharding Off Network

ethereum sharding

Every cryptocurrency blockchain runs by its own set of inheriting rules. This means that the speed, the scaling, and just about everything else is built into the original white paper and coded open-source. Now with Bitcoin becoming slower (except for the implementation of the lightning network) and more people than ever flocking to cryptocurrency, there…

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Crypto Hack of $534 Million | What Will Happen to Coincheck?

coincheck hack

In the cryptocurrency realm, there are a few moments that have been historical points. One of which was the Mt.Gox hack, resulting in many of the early bitcoiner’s losing a lot of money, and to this day it remains gone. Although, just yesterday, we saw a hack of the simialr caliber – Coincheck was hacked for…

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Steem Moves Over 20% | The Easy Way To Make Passive Income


We can all see the world is changing. Although, part of that change is the ability and freedom to work for yourself whether you already have a job or are looking for one. Now, of course, people are exploring those options with the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. In this case, we are talking about Steemit…

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Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Go Live | Bitcoin Gets a C?


When it comes to cryptocurrency, often significant establishments renounce it as not being legitimate. We saw Jamie Dimon call it a fraud and then taking it back, Goldman Sachs said that it would fail and many others. The truth is, this legitimate thing called cryptocurrency is drawing attention. Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Go Live That’s where…

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Stripe Says Goodbye To Bitcoin | Teases Stellar, OMG, ETH, & LTC


With the congestion of Bitcoin blocks and increased fees, the payment processor Stripe is ending support for BTC. While this seems like a surprise, it isn’t to those in the industry. The truth is, without the lightning network or any form of mass upgrade, Bitcoin is becoming one of the slowest cryptocurrencies. And we’ve seen many…

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Goodbye Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes… Hello Scam Shutdowns


We aren’t advocates for Ponzi schemes. That’s why we don’t write about them or pretend to like them. Although, it seems the world is fighting back against these “easy to be fooled” schemes that have been stealing unknowing investors’ money. Bulgaria Shuts Down OneCoin Servers While OneCoin currently remains operational, there have been multiple raids…

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