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New Year, New Currency – Why 2018 Is The Year For Cryptocurrency


During 2017 we’ve seen some massive movements in the Cryptocurrency Realm. We saw: Ethereum moves from under $8 to over $800 Bitcoin passed $20,000 Litecoin even made it past $350 And that wasn’t even the half of it. From regulations to new countries joining the midst in 2017, Cryptocurrency has had a wild rollercoaster ride. Is…

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Move Over Ethereum | Ripple Passes Ethereum As The #2 Cryptocurrency


2018 is almost over. Although, Ripple wants to make its mark before the year’s end. While we at GCA aren’t exactly the biggest fans of Ripple (XRP), it is making moves that are worth writing about. Ripple is a fast payment transfer system that costs nothing. Granted, XRP is centralized and used mainly for the…

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[Press Release] Money Metals | Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency with Metals


Investors Can Now Buy AND Sell Precious Metals Using Various Crypto-Currencies Money Metals Exchange Now Transacts in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and More… Eagle, Idaho (December 19, 2017) – National precious metals dealer Money Metals Exchange today announced expanded services for customers engaging in precious metals transactions and wishing to make or receive…

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How Many More Hard Forks? – Segwit 2X Returns


In 2017 we’ve seen plenty of hard forks for Bitcoin. Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Unlimited, Super Bitcoin and the list goes on… Although, it seems Segwit 2x is making its way back to center stage. Segwit 2x Launch on The 28th of December According to the segwit 2x founder, it will go live on the…

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Why Do Alt Coins Take a Hit Most Times Bitcoin Goes Up?


We see this question a lot: “Why do alt coins suddenly take a hit when Bitcoin jumps up?” Now if you aren’t familiar with alt coins check out our guide to altcoins here –> (Alt Coins) Otherwise, there’s a pretty simple explanation for this, and it combines two things… 1) Money Here’s the most important…

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The 12 Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Gifts of Christmas

We at GCA wanted to say thank you for joining the community and being an active member. As such, we wanted to put together a little list of a few different Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin gifts for that holiday money that you’ve acquired. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 12. Actual Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Gifts Before we…

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Giving Back With Cryptocurrency – Giveth and The Pineapple Fund


While most people see Cryptocurrency as their way to get rich right now – in hopes of finding that one coin and riding the storm out to millions… Let’s not forget the others focused on the technological capabilities that each of these Cryptocurrencies can realize. Either through the monetary system, A.I., or any other utility…

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Belarus and Cryptocurrency – Could This Be Another CryptoValley?


When it comes to areas that give both tax havens and quick responses to Cryptocurrency, most people have heard of Zug. In fact, a while back we wrote an article on Zug aiming to bring identities to the blockchain. Although, there’s a new player in town that isn’t Zug Switzerland. Enter Belarus And Cryptocurrency Tax…

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5 Things To Do While The Cryptocurrency Market is in a Correction


With Christmas near, we see a market correction. No, we aren’t mad about it because this correction was well-timed, allowing people to focus on something else for the holidays. Instead of looking at your portfolio every 10 minutes hoping for it to go back up – consider doing a couple of the activities in this…

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10 Songs To Keep You Hodling Cryptocurrency During A Correction


When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, corrections are a natural way for the market to regulate itself. These corrections kick out the weary and reward the brave. And we want you to be one of the people hodling cryptocurrency during these times. So here are 10 songs to play on repeat to keep hodling…

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