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Why Is Cardano (ADA) Price On The Rise?


Recently we’ve seen a hectic market for most coins, especially the alt-coins which have tummelted around 20-30% for some, during Bitcoin’s fall from $11,000 to $8,500. On the other hand, ADA Price has been on the rise. Cardano (ada) sits around #9 on with the following price point below: Now Cardano has been on a…

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Dash Coin Price Continues To Rise Above $700 During Market Chaos


As we covered in our extensive article on Dash – Digital Cash, Dash coin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. It also has a unique protocol and their team likes to constantly innovate/ upgrade the platform differently than many rigid structures of coins. Dash itself now sits over $6 billion in market cap as coin…

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On Regulations, Restrictions, Rules and Laws in Cryptocurrency – 11/30/17


When something is developed, said, or constructed that puts anyone’s own life in fear, they attack. Currently, what we are seeing is the development of multiple means of attack on the open, decentralized, peer-to-peer entity that Cryptocurrency is… Why? Because what you don’t know you can’t control, and with crypto even if you know it,…

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HODL or Sell? What To Do During An Uncertain Crypto Market?


One of the biggest questions that comes up in cryptocurrency or any market for that matter is Do I hodl or sell? Especially during an uncertain market where it seems volatility is crazy and there is no way of knowing what is to come. This is a great time to be reminded of a few…

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Bitcoin Passes $11000: Which Path Does It Choose Next?

Bitcoin hits another milestone. $11000 Which it seems to be hitting a milestone every couple of days now, meaning the bull is full on and charging. Although, we at GCA think there are two possibilities of what happens next. Don’t worry there are a few indicators that should help us figure out what will take place,…

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Bringing The IOT To The Mainstream with IOTA and Microsoft


This week we get news from IOTA and Microsoft. In our page on IOTA, we broke down their mission: What is Iota To Create the internet of things and bring it to fruition IOTA differs from other cryptocurrency in that it doesn’t use the blockchain, but something called Tangle, which verifies transactions using two previous…

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Bitcoin Crosses $10k and Investors Talk $40k 2018


Its been one of the most ridiculous years for cryptocurrency. The market capitalization has gone from about $14 billion to now over $300 billion, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping as institutional investors are starting to pour in. Now in breaking news for the industry as a whole, Bitcoin (BTC) has passed $10,000 per…

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The Amazing Purpose and Power Cryptocurrency Can Fulfill


Cryptocurrency is currently a hot topic for debate – Bitcoin approaches $10,000,  people are trading on exchanges daily, and there’s constant outpouring of new ICO and blockchain based companies. Although, it seems we end up missing the bigger picture of what the true power Cryptocurrency can be. While it’s the future of money. The evolution…

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The Weekly Crypto Collection – Bitcoin, Bittrex, SEC and More

Cryptocurrency Exchange

After last week’s update, a lot has happened as the cryptocurrency field is not stopping with its exponential growth. So let’s jump right in, shall we? 1. Bitcoin Passes $9500 (All-Time High) One of the most significant landmarks to date is Bitcoin passing $9500 and the entire cryptocurrency market getting close to $300 billion. Of…

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How To Stay Ahead In Crypto (Bitcoin $10k?)


It seems like every day there is another news article or piece of information about the Cryptocurrency Market that one needs to know in order to trade (if you do short-term trading) or buy in at the right time. Although, in reality, it can be information overload. Instead, it makes sense to find between 5-20…

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